monsoon 2
Monsoon showers surely appear as a relief. However, it also brings along health irritants such as infections, allergies, as well as indigestion. But, don’t panic. Making small variations in your eating habits can help keep these problems away. Actually, the atmosphere’s increased humidity affects the digestion of your body to […]

Tips To Eat Healthy In Monsoon

Yoga which is about self-acceptance and self-discovery is a 5,000 year old legacy from India. Yoga, it is said integrates mind, body and soul. With the efforts of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who himself is a Yoga Enthusiast, the United Nations (UN) decided to celebrate 21st of June each […]

The Second International Day for Yoga

Pawanmuktasana 5
Meaning ‘Pawan’ means ‘Wind’ or ‘Gas’ ‘Mukt‘ means ‘Release‘ or ‘Removal’ One part of Pran is known as Apan which has a downward movement. By practicing this asana the wind i.e. the extra gas in the abdomen passes out easily. Hence this asana is called Pawanmuktasana. In this asana the […]

Pawanmuktasana – Wind Relieving Yoga Pose