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Located in the beautiful city of lakes Udaipur (Rajasthan, India), Dynamic Yoga Studio is home to a unique team of Yoga Teachers to guide people in their own journey with Yoga and Meditation. Yoga is a way to connect with your own Body, Mind and Soul. Our mission is to support you on your own unique path. It could be as a beginner who wants to take their first steps with Yoga or a seasoned Yoga Practitioner looking to fine tune or advance their knowledge. It could be someone who wants to share the knowledge of Yoga by becoming a teacher. It could be a path to explore the Therapeutic aspects of Yoga to help them with their health issues. A mother-to-be could explore Pre/Post Natal Yoga to have healthy beginning on their journey to motherhood. We also help corporates guide their employees to a stress and anxiety free and healthy body and mind. So, whatever be your path, join us today to connect with your unique self.

Dr. Guneet Monga Bhargava

Dr. Guneet Monga Bhargava

Founder, Samatvam Yogashala & Certified Yoga Expert, Physiotherapist, Dietician and Motivational Speaker

Dr. Guneet is an accredited yoga professional and a certified physiotherapist. She also has a Ph.D. in Stress Management. She has conducted numerous Workshops and Training Sessions for Individuals and Groups as well as Corporate Yoga Workshops across India and offering her wisdom and techniques for the union of Body, Mind and Soul thru her Yoga Studios for the past 15 years. Adapting ancient yoga techniques and postures to suit contemporary lifestyle requirements, Dr. Guneet founded Dynamic Yoga. This form of Yoga is an experimental yet extremely power system of Yoga that requires no beliefs. It has already improved and changed people’s lives in powerful, subtle, and unexpected ways. She is author to Yoga Vidhya, Yoga Education and Oh Woman! Must You Know.

Our Studios

Dynamic Yoga Studio - Guru Ramdas Colony

DYS Guru Ramdas Colony

68 Guru Ramdas Colony, Near Choudhary Offset, Udaipur

Dynamic Yoga Studio - Saheli Marg

DYS Saheli Marg

Second Floor, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Opp. UIT Office, Udaipur

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