What To Eat Before Exercise 1
  Do you have to be careful about what you eat before your workouts? Usually not. If you’re eating a healthy diet and getting enough calories to support your activity level, you can probably rely on your own appetite, energy levels, and experience to tell you whether you need to eat […]

What To Eat Before Exercise

Barefoot walking
The earth is full of energies and getting in touch with these energies nourishes the body as well as the mind and soul. Walking barefoot on grass, also known as ‘earthing’, has been in the news for some time. People across the globe enjoy doing it in the early morning […]

Barefoot Walking – Energize Your Body

Diaphragmatic Breathing
  Abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing is practiced by enhancing the action of the diaphragm and minimizing the action of rib cage. The diaphragm is a domed sheet of muscle that separates the lungs from the abdominal cavity and, when functioning correctly, promotes the most efficient type of breathing. During inhalation […]

Strengthen Your Lungs Through Abdomen (Diaphragmatic) Breathing